Tuesday Night Drop In Sessions & Coaching


Tuesday nights follow a drop in session format and will start again on Tuesday May 7th 2019. The drop in sessions are based on challenging a court.

Nets will be down on the beach from 6.30pm and the sessions will finish when it gets dark. When you arrive please help the sessions run smoothly by putting nets up and once the session has finished for the night, take the net, posts & lines from your court down and bag them up.

Cost for both the drop-in and coaching sessions is £2 per week or £10 per season. Please pay Dave when you arrive.

Please check the website home page if the weather is looking particularly windy or rainy and there will be an ON/OFF notice on there by 5pm on the Tuesday.

To Challenge A Court

  • Find a partner or team (depending on whether you’d like to play 2s or 4s).
  • Look at the games on all courts to see which is closest to your standard of play.
  • A challenge is laid by putting a stick (twig, shoe, bottle – something that stands up) by the net post on that court (usually the post closest to the wall). If there are other sticks there, yours will go at the back of the line.
  • General format is one set of “point per rally” to 21 points changing ends every 7 points. Winner stays on and the next team with a stick in the line will play the winners of the previous game.
  • If you get less than 12 points in a rally point game, the court you are playing on may be too strong for you and you should consider looking for another court to play if there are any.

Beginner’s Coaching

Dave will be running a beginner’s coaching session on a Tuesday night at the same time as the drop-in sessions.

If you’d like to refresh your skills or have never played before and want to try it out, come along at 6.30pm for training and games.